Saturday, January 26, 2008

A pic for Old Susannah!

Here is the photo I had said I would post when asking/or telling about how I was going to use my camping lanterns on the tables for Christmas...I found these wreaths (I bought 2 because for Christmas I had 2 tables set up) Target for like 7 bucks each!!! I was so excited because they fit around the lanterns perfectly, and they just "made" the room! The tablecloth has a woodsy feel to it...and we had made a fire in the firepit a few nights while they were all here too, so it really felt "right", and cozy to me! Just wanted to be sure and show you the pic Sue!!!
I am leaving it just like this until it gets too hot to use the screenroom, around May or so. I am also leaving up the 2 strands of Christmas lights I hung in a swag style along the outer screenwall of the room...perfect for the whole Florida winter season.

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Anonymous said...

Now that looks like it came right out of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. I love it. You could even decorate the wreath for Valentine's Day or Easter.
I can't help but notice the sweet little child's table in the background with the little lantern. Just like my house. Have a great weekend friend!