Tuesday, January 22, 2008 they are!

Golden Pagoda (I have always wanted this one...and now I have it)

Pygmy Velvet Plant (the one on the right is the one I have had for a while and has developed the darker pink color...the one on the left is my newest addition)

Aurora Borealis (this one I have seen develop to a very red color in the sun...will be watching faithfully to see it happen)


Rosemarie said...

Nice to see the pix of your new sux! The first one is as I thought, a Crassula perforata f. variegata. You'll see it with yellow or cream variegation.
The 2nd looks to me like Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (maybe marginata-but I can't make out that from the pic). Are the leaves fuzzy at all--like velvet? They don't look like any type of K. baharensis to me. The one on the left could turn the same color as the one on the right.
The last could be 'Aurora', but might be the straight species ~Sedum rubrotinctum. I have pix of both together when they colored up (which I'll show when I get access to my ext HD files). Hard to tell otherwise...but 'Aurora' looks more pink than red then. All beauties!!

Julie said...

No, the supposed pygmy velvet plant does not have any fuzz on the leaves!