Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Succulent WIFE!

Well, I couldn't believe my eyes tonight when looking around online at some artsy-kinda-stuff, and I came upon this website. If you feel like taking a pinch of time to look at some very artful gift items, check it out at The Succulent Wife
I have no pesonal interest in this company, I just fell in love with it's name, and the beautiful things it sells!
Here is what the site says about itself and it's product:


Have you ever bought an object for the sheer simple pleasure that you knew it would provide you? Have you ever known any talented women whose creations are so special that they deserve to be shared with the world?

As an artist-featured giftware design and distribution company, The Succulent Wife promotes women artists who wish to convert their creative passions into income-producing enterprises. We bring their products to the marketplace and offer the consumer objects that exude spiritedness and personality. The core concept behind The Succulent Wife Gift Company is to promote these talented and creative women. Our unique approach is to identify and celebrate the creator behind each object. We do that by highlighting them on the Web site and then, by delivering the gift items with a beautifully designed card that describes the artist and her work.

And, you ask, why “Succulence”? Oh, Succulence… as in truly tasting life, making it fascinating, exciting, fun, indulgent, even provocative and challenging. But please, never ordinary. We know that we strike a deep and tender nerve in women when we speak of “succulence”. We ALL long for more spiritedness in our lives, as creators and as consumers. This can be achieved through the addition of creativity, uniqueness and playfulness in our daily experience. Our products are designed to appeal to anyone seeking to bring a little – or a lot - of succulence into their lives as every single object is imbued with an attitude of fun, creativity and irreverence.

We can only hope that The Succulent Wife’s brand spiritedness will free consumers by allowing them to express their yearning for delectability and excitement through our products. So, please shop through our Web pages. They are full of great gift ideas. We know that you will find that oh-so-perfect gift for “her”, whether she be your mom, wife, best friend, girlfriend or daughter. Oh, and don't forget a little something for yourself!

Well, there you are...I love just looking, but who knows I may have to order the Beaded Heart Necklace...for myself!!!


Old Susannah said...

You are so right about that site, Julie. I love their jewelery. Don't you love to say "succulent"? It always reminds me of eating a sweet juicy peach and making a delightful mess. Thanks for your good wishes. I am doing great, things have calmed down a little. My B-I-Law up north has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, so we are just deciding what we should do. Speaking of are one of the sweetest!

Julie said...

hahaha...i suppose i do like the word!!! i'm glad you are ok, but so sorry about your b-i-l. i am typing with one hand right now because my dog is giving my other elbow a massage!!! that succulent wife shop is awesome!