Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bamboo Groove

I was scouring my house, nooks and crannies, and finally...a logical wallet, to find the artist's card who made my bamboo lantern. I FOUND IT!!!
Here is what it says:
Hobe Sound, Florida
Jaime Powell
Office: 772-546-9796
Cell 561-352-7800
E Mail:

Specializing in decorative bamboo accents!
Just in case any of you would like the information. On his My Space, he has scrolling/changing pictures of all the things he makes. I enjoyed just sitting there watching for a while...I may have to go to a festival they have here on Thursday night called Clematis By Night, downtown West Palm Beach, where he sells his stuff...just to have a little more browsing time! When I bought my lantern, he gave me a Christmas tree ornament he had made, also from Bamboo. SWEET! I believe he told me that my lantern was the first one he had done in a sort of freehand swirly pattern. That was the part I really loved! In the photos on his website, you will see most of them have a more predictable and evenly spaced pattern to them!
The coolest thing about this is that you can just pull out the rope lighting, and put in a different color rope you can change it for your occasion.


My LIttle Family: said...

Thanks Julie. I checked it out and now my creative juices are flowing! I just noticed you read my old blog posts. Thanks for the suggestion on Tarpon - I believe I will take my Dad there in June when he visits. Oh, I was born in 57. Are you older than you think you are? LOL, Vickie

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie. I checked out the website. He's got some great stuff! I like the candle holders too.