Sunday, April 20, 2008

Georgia O'Keeffe Bomeliad

Isn't this stunning! I just went to a Georgia O'Keeffe showing at our Art Museum a few months ago, but did not remember seeing anything like this! Maybe this particular painting wasn't on display, but WOW!!! Love it!

I have been so busy this weekend, I haven't had much time to devote to the blog, but I will get over and take a picture of those giant orange bromeliads outside a particular development here. They are in full sun, and as orange as can be! They are very large, with wide luxurious leaves...just a spectacular entrance into the development! I keep teasing that I am gonna have to get over there in the middle of the night and dig them up for my yard!!! I will find out the name and get a few, for sure! I have decided that if I do get into Bromeliads, they will be full sun varieties, and will be added in some way around my tire gardens. I have an idea to do a sort of rock deal, where the white rocks (Medium to large in size), will build up to the height of my tires, and gradually lower to the ground on each side...and in each hole will be a bromeliad or succulent, and it is going to be quite lovely...I can see it in my mind!!! Very vivid colors also! Are you getting a sort of vision??? I am.

I am tending to my Moms garden while she is away visiting her sister, and her tomatoes are still producing...I brought two good sized ones home tonight. I just got through watering over there, and now it has started to rain! Isn't that the way the ball bounces?


Teri C said...

I just LOVE G. O'Keeffe's work! This is a gorgeous bromiliad. Did you hear me laughing when you talked about your midnite requisition? Your tire plan sounds so intriguiing. You keep this up and I am going to have to go buy one also!

Julie said...

Oh Teri...I am so happy you love this painting too...isn't it just amazing? I could not believe it when I found it! Well, I think I may have to do my rock garden this weekend coming up! Gonna try, at least!

Stapeliad said...

Oh, I *HEART* Georgia O'Keefe. If you ever get out to Santa Fe, definitely check out her museum there.