Friday, April 18, 2008

University of Miami

Today I have been down at University of Miami with a friend, who had to have surgery. Thank God she has done very well, and most likely will get to go home tomorrow! Her surgeon was devine! I had planned to stay in a private room with her on a cot, but the MD wanted her to go to ICU overnight! I stayed until I could see how well she was doing, and then left to find a hotel (I got to the hotel at 11pm). I ended up...I think...on Miami Beach bayfront area at a darn Hyatt! Expensive, but I did not know where I was going and was happy to find a clean, well respected hotel to crash for the night. I picked up a few teeney bottles of wine in the gift shop, and am having a few sips while I play around on my wireless internet that I had to purchase 24 hours worth of, from T-Mobile!!! Seems like the more expensive the hotel, the more stuff you have to pay for! I have to pay for my parking, and internet, on top of the massive room rate. Miami ain't cheap!!! LOL. Anyway, I decided since I am staying in the lap of luxury, to really have fun with my wine and internet...what can I say...I'm a cheap date!!! Ha ha. Oh...not to mention the hot shower with expensive soaps and shampoos I get to take in the morning!!! Hey...I have 6 pillows on my king sized bed!!! Should I order room service?????? It looks really good.

Check out the bromeliads at the front entrance to the hospital (there were 3 of them on a long desk)...I thought the orange color was really great.

Hope you all have a great weekend...



My LIttle Family: said...

Julie I found the same thing recently when I stayed in a very expensive suite in Naples - had to pay for every litle thing including internet access. Next it will be a coin operated TV! We did room service coffee one morning for 3 people and cost $17 - back away from the room service menu!

Teri C said...

You hit a cord with me too about the cost of small things. When we went to Hawaii last August, they literally nickled and dimed us to death!! So enjoy everything! :)

Such a pretty bromiliad. Glad to hear your friend is doing well.

Julie said...

Hey really is true...although I do have to say it was nice to have the wonderful surroundings and ammenities, I could not sustain it long!!! LOL. It was nice to get back home today! My friend continues to do well...thanks for the well wishes for her!

Serena said...

I'm sure your friend appreciated you being there for her, Julie. I also pass on my well wishes.

A very pretty bromeliad indeed! Did you end up ordering room service?

Julie said...

Serena- No I didn't, although I was sooooo close!!! I really had everyting I needed for breakfast, which is always coffee for me. I loved my little one cup coffee maker in the room!