Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sue...where are you???...and a crockpot recipe!

OMG, are too busy moving, changing that blog/and/or blogs around! I am having heart failure keeping up with you! I miss you, and hope to have you resurface again!!! I was looking forward to your crockpot blog!!! is a crockpot recipe that makes perfect browned, succulent chicken while you work! It is a baked chicken that has crispy skin on top, but the meat is so fall-off-the-bone tender! (Amazing it can be done in your crockpot)!

Take one chicken, thawed...with innards removed, of course. Put some of your favorite seasoning on it (our fav is called Montreal Steak Seasoning)...and put it in the crockpot dry (NO added liquids at all)...on LOW setting all day. When you are ready for dinner all you need to do is make a vegetable or two to go with it! It is really devine!

I hope I haven't giving this recipe to you before, I can't remember. I am so enthralled with it, I share it wherever I go!

Hope you can try it.


Kelly said...

The chicken in the crockpot sounds great! I'll have to try that. BTW...what's in Montreal seasoning? Oh, and we started a different kind of garden this weekend. I need to find time to Blog it, but we're heading out to a Lilac farm today, so it won't be until later.

Teri C said...

Oh, great sounding recipe! I am going to try it also. Sounds so easy how can I not. Cooking is the lowest thing on my priority list :)

Julie said...

Kelly- Montreal Steak Seasoning is sold at Publix, Walmart, Costco, and Albertsons, and probabably Sams too! Be sure to get the plain steak seasoning variety...not the chicken or spicy chicken. The regular MSS is the best !!!

Teri-Ha! I agree with you about cooking...I hate it!

No Rain said...

I'm going to try this--I hate cooking and this sounds right up my alley. Do you just sprinke the steak seasoning on the top or inside too?

Julie said...

Aiyana- I sprinkle some of the seasoning inside too! Just reading all these comments is making me want some right now!!! It makes your house smell wonderful as it cooks all day! Maybe tomorrow!