Friday, April 11, 2008

A passionate morning! LOL

Good Friday morning! This is a passionvine that grows along my fence in and among the jasmine. My neighbor and I alternately (years ago) planted jasmine back and forth on each side of our chain link fence...since then she has planted Morning gloies and this passionvine. It is a hodgepodge of stuff growing together. It is a little wild looking for me, but she loves it, so I just try to love it also! It is nice to wake up in the morning and see all of the blooms just outside (the other side of my tire gardens) never fails to make me smile. That big old Mexican Sunflower is really full of flowers this morning too...I will run out and snap a pic tomorrow running a little late this morning, and need to finish my coffee, and throw on my clothes. TGIF!!!


peter breslin said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Stochasticactus; your plants look great! happy spring.


Donna said...

Wow, that's a pretty flower. I love vine plants. I would love to plant a vine along my balcony, though I think my neighbors below me would complain about it to my manager...sigh.

Teri C said...

Based on this flower it must be a gorgeous area. That red is stunning.

Serena said...

In our previous house, the neighbour planted a passionfruit vine which grew and spread like wildfire. The flowers looked like the red one in your pic but were white. I love passionfruit and my neighbour's vine produced the most delicious and sweet passionfruit I have ever tasted. YUM!

Ralph said...

I am envious of your passion flower. I picked up a red one at Home Depot of all places last summer and planted it on the fence beside our outdoor sitting area. It never bloomed and died over the winter. Silly me. I thought that if a local store sells it that it must be able to survive.

I think that there are more hardy varieties but I don't think any of them are red.