Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fittonia rooting!!!

I tried an experiment and stuck a peice of all three of my Fittonias in a glass of water...and yippeeee...they rooted...EASILY!!! Now, guess who will be rooting these babies ALL THE TIME, and using them for gifts, and oh just everything. Maybe this is the time to start growing and doing plant sales! WOW...did I just say that...could I be so industrious after working all day??? Hmmm...doubtful...but yet the idea is intriguing! I do love my Fittonias...they are just so great indoors in low light...about as perfect as they come!!! Woo Hoo!!! It is LOVE!!!


Cindy said...

I still associate this plant with a bottle-terrarium I received from someone special, many years ago. You might be able to make it out in this old post.

And I haven't grown this plant since then.

No Rain said...

Plant sales? I went to a cactus sale held by an individual in an RV Park and she was so riduculous about her prices that I had to laugh! She was trying to sell tiny Agave pups for $10, and Mammillaria offsets for $8! Totally unrealistic, but lots of the winter visitor RV neighbors were snatching them up. They could have driven down the road to Wal-Mart and picked up 1 and 5 gallon cacti and succulents for those prices!
I'll have to tell my yoga friend about starting her own plants like you have. She likes to put tiny plants in tea cups for various lunch parties she has. She's been paying a lot for her little gifts!

Julie said...

LOL Aiyana! I am truely amazed by what people down here will pay for simple stuff like this...because they either don't know how to propogate, but more than likely just don't have the time of inclination...they just need something to have while they are living here 6 months out of the year! I was thinking specifically of selling them cheaply at a church rummage sale...Nothing big! One of my neighbors is a huge gardener and she sells her plants at her church garage sale...people just love them...she sells out every time.

Teri C said...

Julie, you are always thinking! It would be fun. And now I have to admit I don't have a clue about these plants but they sure are pretty :)

Stapeliad said...

Hi Julie I missed you! Sorry I have been a bad blog friend.

I love how you can make anything grow. Your plants know how much you love them.

I hope you are well!!!


Julie said...

Cindy...I read all your previous posts about your terrarium...very cool art work!!! You are very talented as an artist...and many other ways too!

Jessica- HI !!!!!!! Glad to see you back...I was starting to worry!

Teri- If you want indoor plants these are the way to go...they only have to be watered weekly, and they thrive in low light...which I house is so dark inside...not much light gets in, just by the way it is laid out, I guess...I need to replace my ceiling with a glass one!!! LOL.

Serena said...

Well done, Julie! These make great terrarium plants too and what a great idea to use the babies as gifts.