Sunday, April 13, 2008

A hibiscus bloom for Donna in Louisiana!

I found my neighbor's little hibiscus bush with one solitary bloom on it today! It rarely blooms, and I think it must be some kind of fancy one. It is mainly mauve in color, with a little yellow around the edges, and a ruby throat! Every time it blooms, I am re-amazed. The flower is about 6-7 inches in diameter! It has a crepe paper look to it. I wish I knew the name of it. She may know, but I didn't bother her to ask, being that it is Sunday and she was probably relaxing with her coffee!


Donna said...

What a pretty flower. I got some new strings lights yesterday and I couldn't place what kind of flowers they were supposed to be and after seeing your blog post, I'm almost certain that my string lights are hibiscus flowers.

No Rain said...

This is different--I'm not sure if I like the color as much as the brighter ones though.

Julie said...

Oh I'm glad it helped ID your lights, Donna!!! And, I agree with you, Aiyana about the prettier ones being the brightly colored ones...this one is just such a rare bloomer, I had to have a pic!!!

Donna in Louisiana said...

Jule, that hibiscus is beautiful. The colors are sooooo calming. The wonderful thing about hibiscus is that they color of the flowers can change depending on tempertures. Tell your neighbor that if she would fertiflize the plant with anything but a bloom booster, it would probably bloom for her.

Thanks for sharing with me. Have a great week.

Donna in Louisiana

Julie said...

I will tell her Donna!!!

Serena said...

I have a friend down south who grows the dinnerplate sized hibiscus...they must be quite awesome to see in person. This one looks so delicate.

Ralph said...

Another plant that's too high maintenance for the extremes of my foothill abode. They freeze in the winter and are too big to bring in. In the summer they fry. I have to get back to the coast.
The fancy new varieties are spectacular but, although unusual, this one is not what I would call beautiful.