Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Porch cleaning!

Good evening!
When I got home from work today, I just felt stifled by all of the plants and stuff on my front porch! I just started cleaning! I scrubbed the porch with soap and water and a broom! I moved a large ice chest, and some shoes my husband wears to cut the grass. I took all of my succulent plants and moved them to their new sort of home base (these are the ones who need partial sun, or a little protection) my screen room out back. I put them all over two plastic tables out there, for now.

I moved a huge Pothos (which was on the top of my cinderblock shelving) and took it in the house and placed it at the end of my entertainment center, so you see it right when you come in the front door (a nice Feng Shui touch, don't you think)...and here is what it looks like! It has grown very lush out there, kind of as I wasn't was a pleasant surprise to find it so thick and LONG!
So here is how my shelves ended up looking on the front porch when I got finished!

Here is a close up of the really nice set of characters from Wizard of Oz, my daughter and I found while thrift shopping a few weeks ago...I love them for here because they are made of a high quality plastic, and are safe from total destruction, anyway! My husband always says I live in a fantasy world, and I suppose there is some truth in that!!!
I found this glass flag windchime at a artist sale a few years ago, and you can see a peice of one of my chimes broke off. I have the peice around here somewhere...I just need to fix it with my E6000 glue.

I painted this wooden star to remember my son who is currently serving in the U.S. Army, and I think of him and his family every minute and pray they will stay safe!
I am very proud of him, as you can see!


My LIttle Family: said...

You have the same problem as me - figuring out where to put unishgtly fertilizer and plant stuff without moving it too far from where it is needed.

No Rain said...

It looks good. I always dread spraying down my patio and tidying up--it's about 1000 sq. feet and takes me hours--but when I finish, I love to sit on my swing and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Pudgeduck said...

Very nice job arranging things. I think I will try to fix up my area-Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Green thumb said...

You must be one Proud Mother to have a son serving his Nation.
The characters from the Wizard of Oz are very cute and I think we all live in a fantasy world...some more, some less...

Julie said...

Vickie- yes, I like to keep my small bags close...I had been doing my repotting here, but now I will do it out in back yard, since most of my plants will be closer to that area!

Aiyana-1000 SF porch??? Wowzers! I guess you would need a little lemonade on your swing after cleaning that! LOL

Pudgeduck- one thing about it, it is always so fresh when you get it done! Right? It helps the qi move around a bit better!

Green Thumb- thanks for confirming we all live in a fantasy world...I love using it as my escape from a stressful work world!

Claude said...

hello! You'd left a comment on my blog so I thought I'd come over and see yours! I'm enjoying it a lot, as there's a definite sense of whimsy through all your posts, and I really like the plants.

Donna said...

That looks great, Julie. Love the Wizard of Oz set that you found. Your Pothos plant is huge! Mine aren't doing very well. The leaves are browning on the ends and I can't figure out why. The wooden star that you made for your son is lovely. I know you must be so proud of him.

Serena said...

I like what you did with the porch! Nifty shelves! :)

Brent said...

mom that star is gay