Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coleus on a hill

I have had more than hints of seeing Coleus grown in full sun down here, but it never really got into the far back recesses of my brain, to where I really ever thought it could be least not by me! Well, here is living proof! Coleus living and thriving in full zone 10 sunshine! Are they not gorgeous??? Makes me want to run out and get some...until I realize how much water it takes to keep them going! I have one on my front porch, and it has to be watered daily, or it is draggin bigtime!!! They just wilt without water...doesn't sound like anything I would like to do year-round. I am thinking a rock garden will be added soon, and I better hurry up before it get to being blazing hot around here! Any ideas on what to make a rock garden out of, since we do not have rocks in south Florida??? I have ideas for making hypertufa rocks...have you seen that recipe for making them in grocery bags with quik-crete and sand, etc? I must give it a try. I will have to keep looking for the recipe...couldn't find it last night.

Today will be a full day at work, plus I have to squeeze in a graduation meeting with the other Moms. I need to get serious about buying birthday gifts this weekend...I have 4 birthdays to celebrate throughout May...about 1 a week!

Oh...speaking of making rocks...I have an idea for making a boulder sized one, complete with nooks and crannies in the top and with drainage from the nooks, all the way through the rock and out the bottom. It is brewing in my brain, and I plan to give it a try as soon as I figure out each detail.

OK...I am off to get ready for the day...TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Teri C said...

Wow, that is the biggest stand of coleus I have ever seen! Show us your pot of coleus.

Ralph said...

I sure wish there was a way to give you some of my rocks.

Stapeliad said...

Happy Friday to you too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Your photo is dazzling- I love it.


Donna said...

Wow, that picture is just beautiful. I'd love to have a garden like that. I've never seen these plants before at the nursery. Hmmm...I should go poke around and see if I can find some. Have a great weekend, Julie!

Serena said...

A magnificent display of colours!

I hope all goes well at the graduation meeting. March and September are the big birthday months in our family.

Rock making sounds like fun! I saw that once on one of our home renovation shows.

Have a great weekend too!

Claude said...

Great stand of coleus... Love the things, but I had to swear off them. We often have droughts in the summer here, and can go 2 months with restrictions on watering the lawns... These like their water too much to stand that!

Julie said...

Hi all...yeah...I only have 1 plant of this on my porch (above post), that I have to water daily...I cannot have them in my yard due to watering restrictions. I actually turned my sprinklers off about 1 year ago, and just went with natural rain water for the is dry. We just went back to 2 days a week watering now, so I finally reset and turned on my pump. It rained last night, and I am always so grateful!