Monday, May 12, 2008

Magic Kingdom Saturday~

We were standing at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, and this monorail came by which I took a picture of, and don't you know, it was the same one our son and his family got off of! I thought that was quite amazing, especially considering it was his wife's first time to Disney, and I got a pic of her first monorail ride ever!!!

Here are a couple of blooming trees I took pics of...they were so beautiful...Disney goes "all out" in so many ways! I have no idea what these trees are...if anyone knows, please let me know! Oh, the yellow tree was "raining" flowers was the first thing I saw as we entered MK...there were people sitting and standing under this tree, and the yellow petals were falling down just like rain...and all to the music of Zippedy-Do-Da!I felt like crying, I was so happy!

These beautiful flowers were just inside a center garden just before you head down Main Street. I have never seen anything like these before...there were white and pink ones all planted together in one bed. They are so futeristic looking to me! I will have to see if I can find out what they are...for some reason "Asters" is coming to mind, but I don't really know...we do not grow them in so I have only seen asters on seed packages. These must be a fancy form of something!!!

And, I really liked these trimmed up podocarpus in tomorrowland!


Claude said...

Hey julie, The pink flowers are called cleome, or spider lily... not a lily but essentially a giant allysum. The make good cut flowers... once you get one going, they should reseed every year. The yellow tree that was raining flowers, does look like a golden rain tree but I'm not sure. No idea on the other one. Hope you had a great moms day!

Ralph said...

The pink and whites are cleomes or spider flowers. They are easy to grow everywhere. Can't help with the rest.

No Rain said...

Hi Julie,
I believe the first tree is a Pineapple Guava from the looks of the leaves and flowers.

Cindy said...

That first flower with the red stamens looks like a pineapple guava. We have the tree with the yellow flowers at the arboretum. I'm going to be there tomorrow. I'll try to go look at it and see if it has an ID sign on it.

No clue on the outer-space-fireworks flowers. Pretty, though.

Julie said...

Claude- thanks for th eI.D.'s...the Golden Rain Tree sure is a perfect name for this amazing tree!

Ralph- I have never heard of a interesting...will look it up..maybe it will grow down here...sounds like fun!

Cindy and Aiyana- Pineapple Guava? WOW...who woulda known??? It was a gorgeous tree. It's funny how everyone is so busy at theme parks doing their thing, and here I am checking out all of the trees and flowers!!! :)

Claude said...

Looking at the leaves, I can definitely see that it isn't a golden rain tree. Don't know what I was thinking, that particular species probably doesn't grow in Florida, needing winter. Don't know a thing about Pineapple guava, except they taste good when they show up in the Asian markets. Beautiful tree though...

Teri C said...

What a fun day. Love those last tree sculptures!

Kelly said...

Hey, I need to post some pictures of the plants that they use at Disneyland here in California. It would be neat to compare plants!

Julie said... it! It would be fun to compare! Next trip there (in Orlando) I plan to spend even more time noting all of the flora there!