Friday, May 30, 2008

I was tagged, indirectly!

I was visiting a blog I had never been to, quite enjoying it, when I came upon THIS POST, by Jodi... and once I had read it, I was considered to have already been tagged! I liked that kind of swift trap! LOL. It sounded like an intreguing tag, so here is how it goes:

The Rules:-
Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
Find Page 123.
Find the first 5 sentences.
Post the next 3 sentences.

Well, here's mine:

"It was embarrasing, to say the least."
"Was Wynn upset?"
What could he say?

CHRISTMAS LETTERS, by Debbie Macomber (well, my closest books were all non-fiction books about cacti and succulents, desert plants, shells and nature stuff, which I keep sitting under a little table that is right in front of me on the couch where I sit with my laptop.! I had to actually search around a little to find a fiction book, which I felt would be a bit more interesting!) BTW, my cousin gave me this book 2 years ago for Christmas, and I am embarrased to say I have not actually read it yet! Sorry, Debbie!!!! Have I turned anti-fiction??? Yes, I think I have!!!

If you read this, you have been tagged!! You may leave your post as a comment here! :) Ha ha ya!!!


Teri C said...

Hmm, interesting that you are going non-fiction. I am an avid reader of mysteries.

I was tagged with this one awhile back.

Pudgeduck said...

What fun !! I am surrounded by gardening-cactus and medical books. ok ,now I need to make a Dr.'s appointment!!!! I'll post this on my blog!

My LIttle Family: said...

"Bentwood boxes were used for food storage, stone boiling, and other common household tasks. A think plank of steam ir water-softened wood was bent at the corners to make the sides of the box; the overlapped seam was then lashed together with spruce root or baleen. The final steps were to peg the sides onto a wooden base and to make a cover."

No Rain said...

I saw this meme several months ago and it was interesting. I don't like to participate in them, mostly because I don't like to tag other bloggers who, more than likely, have been tagged numerous times. These always remind me of olden days Tupperware parties--everyone within a circle of friends just took turns having parties until participants either went broke or burned out. Same with blog circles. I have a group of blogs I visit and don't usually venture out of that circle, so they've all been tagged. If I started searching for new blogs, I'd be on the computer twice as much, as there are so many interesting ones out there. I just don't have the time! In addition, if I participated in this meme I would have to quote from a political position book I'm reading right now, and that would probably piss off 5o% of the folks reading my blog!

Donna said...

Hi Julie, thanks for asking about me. My family and I are doing great! I hope everything is great with you and your family. I finally posted on my blog today and I guess I've been tagged, LOL.

Claude said...

hey julie... just got home from the nursery with a flapjack plant and a cleome... couldn't think why I wanted them, then, after I got home, remembered that I saw them on your blog... LOL... gotta watch myself!

Julie said...

Oh, awesome, Claude! I hope to see your Cleome!!!!!!! PLEEEZZZEEE!

Jenn said...

"We were even close enough to see its pale yellow eyes. Tossing its hammerlike head to the left and the right, it tested the diseased trunk with a whack or two as it jerked upward. Lurching out onto the end of a broken-off branch, it pitched off in a straight line, like a duck, its wings making a wooden sound."

No, it's not Dean Koonce.

It's Roger Tory Peterson, of the Peterson Guides, in his book of essays "All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures"

Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in birds.