Sunday, May 4, 2008

Somethings new!

A new variety of Tillandsias or air plants, which I could not resist today. I was up several hours last night checking them out online, and when I saw this arrangement today, I could not resist! Would you be able to?????
With nearly 400 species this genus is the largest, most diverse and widely distributed genus in the bromeliad family. Most are epiphytic, except for a few species that grow on rocks. Plant species vary in size from tiny to large. Some species have leaves that are tough and string-like; others have soft, thin, strap-like leaves. In still others the lower part of the leaf is spoon shaped. Often, the leaves are covered with a gray fuzz or scales. The inflorescence is spectacular in some species consisting usually of blue flowers with brightly colored bracts.

AND...a little Cryptanthus. It is so sweet, and red. I put it out in the screenroom with my succulents. I will have to remember to water it a bit more often than the sux though!
These plants are small, terrestrial, sometimes stoloniferous with flat, basal, symmetrically arranged, variously colored mottled or stripped leaves. They are grown mainly as foliage plants but their tiny white flowers, emerging low in the cups, are very attractive. Plants of this genus are commonly referred to as "earth stars" because their leaves grow low and parallel to the ground in a star-like arrangement. The species Cryptanthus bivattatus and several of its cultivars are among the most widely grown for use as interior plants.
Anyway...I think I really out did myself this week with finding these new plants that my little ol' heart desired! I have no excuse for not being the happiest person on the planet for quite a long time!!!


Claude said...

great little tillandsia display... My fave tilli is T. intermedia... one of the big guys that hangs upside down, and produces pups on both ends... but the total lack of humidity here doesn't bode well for them. Good luck with yours!

Julie said...

Claude- I looked up T.intermedia, and it really is a cool one, the way it grows like that! Thanks for the tip...I must get one!

My LIttle Family: said...

I bought plants today too. I went to Target, limped into the store, and rode on the electric scooter/cart to the garden center. Now that is determiantion! I bought succulents which I will photo and post tomorrow. One is one of those split ones that I usually kill, er, that commits suicide in my yard.


Teri C said...

A beauty!!
I love your little night visitor also.

Stapeliad said...

My mom keeps air plants. Hers flowered once- little white flowers.


No Rain said...

Beautiful Cryptanthus. You're showing some plants I've never tried--and I going to fight the urge to go buy some. They are not common here, so I'm not in a lot of danger!

winston james said...

Great plants, and perfect for tropical Florida. I will have difficulty trying to grow them in the UK.