Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dyckia marnier-lapostollei

I recieved this plant...a Dyckia marnier-lapostollei the other day, and I really like the way it looks, with the little teethy edges, and a silvery coloration. It is not a succulent, but part of the bromeliad family. It looks like it likes to grow in rock gardens, and amongst cactus and succulents, and is drought tolerant, which is kinda good for me!
They grow only 6-12 inches high, in zones 10a and 10b. I looks like I am in the perfect location! They like full sun to partial shade, and I am really hoping I can put it outside...maybe in one of my tires. I think it would look cool to do a tire of all plants with this similar leaf structure. It is supposed to bloom with orange flowers, which is one of my fav colors, so that is a good thing!
I really like it so much.

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. It's been a rough last few weeks at work, and I am so looking forward to the 3 day holiday weekend.

God bless our soldiers and their families, and all those who have served our country!
With great appreciation to them...


Teri C said...

Such an interesting looking plant. And orange besides WHOO HOO! I think the tire would look good with this in it.

Hope you enjoy your days off.

I also salute these brave people.

Vanillalotus said...

Ooo that is an interesting one. I would love that. The tire idea sounds great, go for it.

Julie said...

Vanillalotus and Teri- Thanks...I think I will go for soon as I have time to scrounge up 3 more tires...maybe this weekend...