Friday, May 2, 2008

A cute little Doozey, and some Coleus leaves!

Well, who is this cute little doggy chewing on her chewy sticks??? We took a nice walk after I got home from work, and don't you know it started to rain on we ran home like little scaredy cats...all afraid to get wet. Well...we thought we might melt, cause were both so sweet ya know!!! Hey...I just noticed that my couch looks like it is covered with botanical prints!!! COOL!

Here are a few shots of my Coleus, taken in from the rain (natural watering), in the dark (almost)...I took it into the dim light of the porch, anyway. I may not have mentioned when I replaced my porch light, I decided to get one of the new long life flourescent bulbs...and it turned out to be only equivilent to 40 though it really is enough light for me to be able to see at makes picture taking difficult. All of these photos came out blurry...but as usual, I can't wait till morning to show my stuff. I think the leaves look kinda neat all soaking wet!


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