Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bragging on my daughter a little bit!

This evening, my daugher sat down at the table and decided to try and draw Jessica Alba. She used this photo from the cover of Allure Magazine as a reference. In about 20 minutes she walked over and showed this to me!!! I was amazed, seriously. Where did she learn to do this? She is self taught...I tried to get her to take art classes over the years, and she always refused. She never wanted to learn something someone elses way. I am seriously telling her that she needs to go to art school now for college...what do you guys think??? Am I just prejudiced, or is she talented??? She rarely does any artwork, but then she just sits down and does something I would call outstanding. I really wouldn't think she was my daugher, except we practically look like twins...a young and an old twin anyway!!! LOL!


Teri C said...

It IS fabulous!! She is talented. I can see her point that she wants to remain her own person. Perhaps she is one of those talented people that could care less (I have a grand like this). If she ever gets motivated, YEAH for the art world. Maybe you could convince her to sketch everyday at least.

You ave every right to brag!!

Sorry I don't make it here daily but I have to wait till I get to the library's wifi to visit. Dial-up just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

She certainly has an eye, Julie. Maybe she'll surprise you and do something creative that's not "artsy" per se.

Kelly said...

She's great! It's a talent I don't have, and I sure wish I did. I think I sort of understand what she means by learning something someone else's way. It's good to find your own style, but she might learn some great skills at an art school!


Serena said...

You have a very talented daughter, Julie. :)

Mary T said...

Great job!