Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A succulent dinner at Tall Tales!

Tonight we went for dinner at Tall Tales, a new restaurant inside of our new Gander Mountain store! The restaurant just opened last week, and the store only about 1 month ago. It is a store much like Outdoor World, with all sorts of outdoor enthusiast stuff...hunting, fishing, camping, etc...
I took a few pics of the place as we went in...(You can see all the new plantings outside, and one husband who must be a big ham)!

A few of these lighting peices were in there...a huge log with different sized electric flickering candles hung up by ropes! Nice touch, for sure!

A hunting lodge feel, for sure!

Until you see the computer lunching counter! Well, maybe a new fangled hunting lodge, eh??? LOL...anyway, very nice idea, for a lot of fun. My Army son would appreciate this!!!

And a view of part of the outdoor seating...with lanterns on the tables for dining after dark, which I intend to do a lot of...

And the menu...which, BTW had a nice variety, reasonable prices... and included s'mores for dessert! What more could you ask!

My salad was devine! I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who is lucky enough to live close by one...or if you run into one on vacation! The store is so fun too!


Kelly said...

Yummy...the menu made me hungry!!!


Stapeliad said...

Wow, this place looks COOL!

Wish we had one up here.


Teri C said...

I didn't know Gander MT dabbled in restaurants too. Sounds fabulous.

No Rain said...

That outdoor seating area and the backgound plantings could pass for the outdoor seating at a local Paradise Bakery. Even the furniture and wall are identical! Amazing.

Wicked Gardener said...

Cool place! I like the computer bar..

Joe said...

I must check this place out...I never heard of this store. I do need some new stuff!