Monday, May 5, 2008

Word of the day (for me): LIZARD

According to Wikipedia, "Lizard" encompasses all of these creatures! Thank God...this is a saving word for me since it is hard for me to differentiate each one. Check them all out:

Suborder Lacertilia (Sauria) - (Lizards)

Family Bavarisauridae
Family Eichstaettisauridae
Infraorder Iguania
Family Arretosauridae
Family Euposauridae
Family Corytophanidae (casquehead lizards)
Family Iguanidae (iguanas and spinytail iguanas)
Family Phrynosomatidae (earless, spiny, tree, side-blotched and horned lizards)
Family Polychrotidae (anoles)
Family Leiosauridae (see Polychrotinae)
Family Tropiduridae (neotropical ground lizards)
Family Liolaemidae (see Tropidurinae)
Family Leiocephalidae (see Tropidurinae)
Family Crotaphytidae (collared and leopard lizards)
Family Opluridae (Madagascar iguanids)
Family Hoplocercidae (wood lizards, clubtails)
Family Priscagamidae
Family Isodontosauridae
Family Agamidae (agamas)
Family Chamaeleonidae (chameleons)
Infraorder Gekkota
Family Gekkonidae (geckos)
Family Pygopodidae (legless lizards)
Family Dibamidae (blind lizards)
Infraorder Scincomorpha
Family Paramacellodidae
Family Slavoiidae
Family Scincidae (skinks)
Family Cordylidae (spinytail lizards)
Family Gerrhosauridae (plated lizards)
Family Xantusiidae (night lizards)
Family Lacertidae (wall lizards or true lizards)
Family Mongolochamopidae
Family Adamisauridae
Family Teiidae (tegus and whiptails)
Family Gymnophthalmidae (spectacled lizards)
Infraorder Diploglossa
Family Anguidae (glass lizards)
Family Anniellidae (American legless lizards)
Family Xenosauridae (knob-scaled lizards)
Infraorder Platynota (Varanoidea)
Family Varanidae (monitor lizards)
Family Lanthanotidae (earless monitor lizards)
Family Helodermatidae (gila monsters & beaded lizards)
Family Mosasauridae (marine lizards)


Ginny said...

I think I may have to stop reading your blog. OMG That lizard picture almost did me in. I almost had a heart attack. Pregnant women can't have such stress...and now lizard is your word of the day??? oh my...I can't handle such panic invoking things lol I can't read anymore....yikes

Julie said...

You are funny Ginny!!! LOL.

Pudgeduck said...

What a great picture!!! Have been trying to get a pic of my gecko-no luck!

No Rain said...

Yeah, I'll check out every one. Maybe next year!