Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look what I found today after work!

This little bugger (Huernia Schneideriana) had 2 blooms and another bud up underneath it! I just happened to find them while relocating a few plants around. I sort of cleaned up my screen room, and moved the grill, and all my plants to opposite ends of the room...and I brought in Rex (my big tall Euphorbia), who was sitting out in the full sun, and my orange colored Aloe, because I feel they were just getting too much sun, and possibly not quite enough water. After I got everything moved, I gave all my plants a drink of water...I think they were all to the point of ready for that, and I believe I heard them all sighing!!! LOL.


super_luminal said...

Woah, those flowers are so unusual and beautiful!
I love flowers that sneak up and surprise you. :)

Pudgeduck said...

Sounds like you never stop- but then, you do smell the roses.LOL!

Julie said...

Hi Superluminal! So happy to see you! Yes...these really were a surprise...I guess I will never hardly ever find the blooms on this one, unless I am paying close attention, because they are alwasy so low and down underneath...strange in a way, for blooming to be like this! I hate it!

Pudgeduck- You would be amazed at how little I actually do! I work full time, and by the time I get home, I usually sit my big fat, a--down on the couch and barely move the whole night! LOLOL. My blog does make it seem like I am always doing though, which makes me laugh!!! Ha ha ha!!! I like that illusion!

Green thumb said...

The Huernia looks very interesting! And I love the wire hanging baskets in your last post...they are a great space saver too!

No Rain said...

These little flowers are so easy to miss! The red ones are easier, but the ones with kind of a beige and maroon coloring just blend in. This has happened often enough that I check carefully now. It's also odd they don't seem to have a natural cycle--just bloom whenever they feel the urge I guess.

Margaret Ann said...

Oh! You are so right...a very close resemblance...Such a sweet little plant...Thanks for including the link in your comment! :)