Sunday, April 27, 2008

My new look!

I got bored tonight and decided to change my template for the blog! I really like this one with all of the green. It looked good instantly after I clicked the button!
No other changes needed, except to change my photo pic to one that my daugher took today at the plant sale, of this table of succulents. I loved it, and immediately thought it would be perfect for the blog! I was right!


Pudgeduck said...

I love your new look! Very professional!

Mary T said...

I love doing that! I've been stuck home sick today so I've played blog all day, maybe I should change my background again too. ;) The green looks very nice! Mary t

No Rain said...

Your blog is always a surprise! I do like the green, and it's easy to read. I hate those black blogs--hurts my eyes.

Strickly Strickland said...

Thanks for your comment and feel free to repost my succulent/Jamba Juice pic!

My LIttle Family: said...

Love the makeover! A girl needs to change her haircolor every once in a while ;)


Teri C said...

I thought I was lost at first, but it is very peaceful-looking and professional, but I kind of miss all those succulents. :)