Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A bad, really bad Dotee doll...

This is an example of really poor crafting!!! My first attmept at making a Dotee Doll. This is something people make and do "swaps" with others with. This thing is not worthy of being traded with anyone, but I will keep it to make a better pattern next time, make a better face, body, and need to come up with some great embellishments, which I may still try and dress this one up a bit. If I do, I will re-post. Instead of just using cut felt to do the face on, I used an oval shaped peice of fabric, and cut slits to the folding line to ease it as I turned and ironed the edges over, and then I hand sewed it on to give it a handmade feel (IT HAS THAT, for sure!!!) I used the sewing maching to sew the body for more durability...but now I wonder why, since I obviously won't want to be reminded of this crappy job for too long!!! LOL. I need tutorials. I thought it would be so easy!!! If you look closely, you can see a bit of gap between the fabric and the top bead at base of doll. This is just so weak!!! Lame!!! OMG...and I thought I could just snap this right together and it would be "perfection on a stick". This is just one example of ways I could, and probably will, find to keep myself occupied all summer. I am hoping maybe some other of you really good crafters, (and you know who you are), will join me in learning how to make Dotee a Google search to see how, and check out some of the examples! They are really cute...provided you find a great crafter to swap with...and that definately would NOT be me! At least not yet!!!


Aiyana said...

Never heard of these...I'll Google them right now! "Perfection on a stick"? That the most hilarious expression I've heard in years!

Julie said...

Aiyana- I was just out on the web looking at more of these dolls, and I think I can tighten my beads up, and add embellishments and still come out with something OK. Maybe it just needs fine tuning!
Let me know what you think of the Dotee dolls out there!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

I am up for that challange. Here's a tutorial. I think yours is great! Perhaps a little more embellishment to hide the parts you are not proud of.


Kelly said...

What's a dotee doll? I think I'm being dense and missing it some how! I seem to approach projects the same way as you...with the upmost of confidence, certain all were turn out well, then it slowly goes down hill. Hee-hee! Still, I think your dotee doll is great!