Friday, July 4, 2008

Planning the day!

I am sitting here again watching the sun rise (although it has already done that, actually), out my back window. The sky is clear, which is something it definately WON'T be by this evening. They are wondering if the fireworks will end up going off or not due to our EVERY EVENING rain and thunderstorms! We shall see. Am I an evil person for hoping they do not??? All for the sake of my little doggy, too...she hates them so much! Of course, for the rest of the country, I hope they do! LOL.

I will be mopping the floors, getting my car all cleaned out, and doing laundry today to get ready to leave. I have the best dog sitter...MY MOM! She is so great.

We were planning to do a STAYCATION to save on gas, energy, etc....but I really didn't feel like I would have a vacation unless we went we are driving to short-ish away Florida and Georgia...hitting spots we have never seen before, which I personally find amazing, because I have travelled these two states so interesting fact about me is that I have never visited KEY WEST!!!!! Have I told you that before? My husband has no urge to go. My daugher and I may just drive down there one weekend...I want to see Hemingways house, and his strange 6 toed cats! I also want to visit the Dry Tortugas. It is about a 6 hour drive down...

Mom will water my plants that actually need water. I only have 7.
1. Two Pothos
3. a spider plant
4. a green plant who's name I do not know, and have never been able to identify, with long hanging leafy tendrils.
5. Also my tomato plants that have one yellow variety tomato, and one red variety hanging on each one...very expensive tomatos I would say.
7.My coleus too...(this one is exceedingly every day water kind of guy)!

The indoor plants will be fine, as they get watered only weekly and are very happy!

You know who doesn't need to be watered AT succulents! My shining stars! My happy little rays of sunshine! is that pic of my resin turtle/tortoise invasion as I mentioned in my last post!


Aiyana said...

Happy July 4th!

Serena said...

They are cute as can be, Julie!

Have a wonderful vacation and be sure to share some pics with us. :)

My LIttle Family: said...

Julie, I reead your comments on my blog. It does seems to take FOREVER to get out of Florida when driving and we live in central FL - I can't image how long it takes from south FL.

I am not sure what a STAYCATION is but it sounds as though you mean to stay near home, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you do.

Fireworks weren't as bad last night as previous years. Only Daisey was disturbed by them and that was minimal. She's usually pretty brave when sitting in momma's lap, LOL.


Ginny said...

You will absolutely LOVE Key West and yes the 6 toed cats are sooo awesome (as you can imagine I would think so!!). I love the Keys! There is a sandal shop you can can buy great sandals called Kinos. What else...oh the food and just the's so laid back and fun! You will like it.

ps-I braved your journal today. I've not been in a while bc of those damn lizards you post lol but I see no lizards today so I am happy I came so I can tell you about Key West :)