Saturday, July 19, 2008

OMG...more wax beans!!!

Well, I ran outside as soon as I read Tooties comment about my beans, and I immediately applied Miracle Gro! I am in shock...I suddenly (2 days later) have 8 more beans and loads of flowers! OMG!!! Yeeeeeee...I am so happy! Thanks for all of ya'lls comments! So supportive! You guys are awesome! I will let you know what else happens! I think I will do the fertilization weekly since we are having rain nearly every evening lately! I think Tootsie fertilizes every Friday anyway...correct me if I am wrong Tootsie! I am so excited that I might actually get enough for a meal for 3! Ha!!! I washed off my first 6 and put them in a "green bag" in the fridge, while waiting for further additions!
Wish me luck with this big adventure! LOL.

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Mary T said...

That is funny! I've had a semi-disappointing bean harvest so far. But I plan to plant more now. Its good to know we can keep on harvesting isn't it? I mean it will get too cold up north. So far we've only been able to get enough beans for meals a couple/few times. None extra.

Tootsie said...

you are so cute...good luck with the beans.and I hope to return to my own blog soon. Don't forget the miracle gro!