Saturday, July 26, 2008

My succulent HOBBY!

I didn't have the heart to move all my succulents out of the tires. When I actually got out there and had a close-up look, most of them were OK. I needed to weed, and move a few things around. I did take out 4 plants, and repot into little pots and into the screenroom they went. I also moved all of the succulents I had on my front porch, to the new shelves in the screenroom, so they are all filled in now, and that area looks nice. I cleaned all areas and got them looking as ship-shape as possible for today. So...the succulent tire garden survived. I will take pictures of them, and my new shelves in the morning and post so you can see.

You know, I never thought of my love for succulents as a hobby before. In my new Journals that I recieve from the Cactus and Succulent Society, they talk many times about their "hobbies". I like that idea...I suppose it really is that. I like the collecting part, the learning and researching part, and the sharing of information. I would love to travel some time to one of the conventions they have all around the country. So far, I haven't seen any listed in Florida. Of course, I would LOVE to fly to Arizona for one!!! They also have a seed depot, and you can order exotic seeds online for only 50 cents (if you are a memeber). If you are not a member they cost $2.50. That is a really neat service...because of the difficulty in finding your exotic plants, at times, and if ever!
If anyone wants more information, and to recieve not one, but two monthly journals with tons of information and pictures, and fun stories of people traveling all over the world looking for succulents, then consider subscribing to the Cactus and Succulent Society.


Sue said...

I would be most flattered...

Teri C said...

Of course this is your hobby and a great one, and the name of your blog! Please don't move your succulents out of your tires, I just love how they look.