Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's new from the library!

Over at Forever Young's place, you can find this really cool banner! I am a BIG reader, and I got the call today from my library that a book I had ordered had come in! Of course, I ran right over there after work, and picked it up! It is called The Great Encyclopedia Of Mushrooms, by Konemann. It is a huge book full of pictures! Now, don't you know I am just gonna be loving that this weekend when we go for a trip to the other side of Florida??? You know I will. Be on the watch for any new ATC's at my other blog as I visit those places! Actually we leave Friday morning. It is a trip to celebrate my husbands birthday, and a little weekend trip before my daugher starts college!

My other new books from the library are:
The Winged Life (The poetic voice of Henry David Thoreau. Edited and with commentaries by Robert Bly. Also contains wood engravings by Micheal McCurdy)

Careers for Plant Lovers and other Green Thumb Types, by Camenson

Allergy Plants that cause sneezing and wheezing!, by Mary Jelks, MD

Allergies are a huge problem in Florida. I see one of my favorite plants are a major culprit! Pine trees!!! Of course it makes perfect sense with all of the pollen they drop! I guess I won't be adding any to my yard! I really wanted to too!

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soulbrush said...

I am fascinated by your love of mushrooms and look forward to following your site avidly.
yes, i did realise what you were referring to in my post...ha ha thanks.hope you are having a wonderful weekend trip. hugs.