Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Succulent garden tour today!

Well, today I found myself walking through the college gardens again, and paying particular attention to the succulents there. I noted that the gardens are under cared for right now. I suppose it may just be due to the hot temperatures and no one wants to be out there. I wonder how they can even attempt to keep all of the pine needles cleared off the plants.

I had been looking at my Stapelia gigantea wondering when it would bloom again for me for the second time, and I found the mother plant (the one my peice originally came from) here, with buds! How exciting. I will try and get back over to get some good close ups of the carrion flowers when they open (I HOPE)!

Enjoy the tour of the garden!



Euphorbia milii

Columnar Cactus

Stapelia Gigantea with huge bud

Senecio fulgens or Scarlet Kleinia

???????---anybody know this one below??? Agave of some sort?? Is it a young Americano marginata or variety of augustifolia??? I love the dramatic coloring, and white teeth margins!

3 shots of the beautiful opuntia!!!


Cindy said...

I like those red cactus fruits. (to look at, not to eat) and I took pictures of some, too.

Pudgeduck said...

Just wanted to say hi! I don't have a clue on the agave-but I know Claude or No Rain will!!!

The Succulent Dish said...

Wow! You take so many awesome Plant Hunts. I'm thoroughly jealous because we just don't have many succulent opportunities in KC. Next month, however, is our CSS show. I'm so exCITED!!! I'll put up photos as soon as I can!! Maybe I'll find something we will have do some sleuthing about.

Teri C said...

Oh beautous! I didn't know you had so many cacti there. Seems like it would be too humid. Thanks for the beauty shots.

Serena said...

All are so beautiful! :)

Ivor said...

the agave is lophanta. I recently posted a pic on my post on agaves in my garden.

Rosemarie said...

Nice shots of the succulents, especially that wonderful Agave lophantha! Looks like you had a good time!