Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interesting info on the hybrid Thai Crown of Thorns

I was sitting here this morning before heading out to work, reading my July-August Cactus and Succulent Journal, and I came across an article with information about the hybrid Euphorbia Milii, sometimes referred to as a Thai Crown of Thorns. The flowers are larger on these. It's funny, but when I bought my recent plant at Home Depot, I only thought "Wow, this is so beautiful", not even realizing how large the flowers were, until Aiyana mentioned it! I'm a little slow. I didn't even stop to say, "Hey, I'm not normally attracted to those thorny, thin stalked, tiny flowered buggers, but hey...look at this cool one"!!! LOL.
Anyway, today at Wanapluk, I found out a little more information! Click on their name to read the article!


Ivor said...

I do also quite like the stunning hybrids. Check out the green one in my friend's garden in Laos

Julie said...

Hello Iver! Thanks for coming by! I will go check out that photo right now!

Teri C said...

it IS beautiful Julie! How can we resist beauty!