Monday, June 29, 2009

Doozey and Baby Tuesday...a little early!

I don't know if any of you remember seeing my "keep to himself" cat? He is an indoor, outdoor kind of guy, and he basically is out or is asleep on our bed. He is pretty much useless, and because he is about 11 years old, he has really slowed down and doesn't really want much interaction with us anymore. He has been a great cat...keeping us pretty much bug and lizard free inside, and rat-free outside! My son always called him "Baby Killer"...maybe that's why! He is a handsome feller!

Hello my sweet little Baby doll!!!

And here are some pics of Doozey enjoying her new found freedom in her safely fenced backyard! She has enjoyed hanging out with her cousin, Bailey (the Lhasa), and running after lizards (favorite activity) need for any toys out here...she has live, interactive ones!!! She also enjoys sitting on my lap out there and stretching out in the grass, in the shade of the big huge Sapodilla tree.

What's that I hear?????

Oh what is that smell???

Those are my two sweet babies for this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow!!!


Teri C said...

Your cat reminds me of one we had when the kids were young. It's name was Mittens and has the same coloring.

I bet Doozey is sure he died and went to heaven with that new backyard!! So cute.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What handsome creatures you have to fill your life with love.

Outside In said...

How cute! what would we do without them?

yoon see said...

I have never seen a green eyes cat before! So cute and special.
Love your two babies, they are lifting and giving the greatest joy in your life Julie:)

Hermes said...

Lovely - and those cats eyes.

marianne said...

What a regal cat!!!!
What a beauty!
So lean and handsome.
And Doozey, aw I just have a weak heart for little dogs......I would love to cuddle her.
Even if cats don't do much I love just the site of them relaxing, it is so inspiring

soulbrush said...

doozey is so special. what a li'l sweetie...and that header is fabadabadoubledoo.

Serena said... sweet!

Kelly Schulz said...

Your animals are sooo cute. I love your grey kitty and he quite handsome :)

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Your fur babies are so cute. The painting of Doozey is wonderful. It does look just like her. What a lovely gift.
Hope you are having a great day

Bethany said...

They are both just too stinkin cute!