Friday, June 5, 2009

A few things in the mail...and a few of my own!

When I returned from Germany I found envelopes from two fellow ATC fanatics! First was a lovely fabric one made by Lynn at Getting My Feet Wet! Isn't it a beauty??? I Love how she is able to make these absolutely gorgeous little works of art with her sewing machine!!! I love the photo card too, Lynn! It is just beautiful! Thankyou so much!

The next great surprise I found was an ATC made on a special handmade paper...from Margaret at Water Blossoms! It is so pretty and I love how it looks on that special paper. It is one of a kind gorgeous!!! You can see how lovely her hand drawn envelope is too! All of these things will be added to my art board in my bedroom. I love waking up to it in the mornings and just spending a few minutes laying there looking at all the beautiful artwork done by my blogger pals!!! WOW!

My teenage daughter and I were out goofing around one night a few weeks back, and I tried using a spirograph to make some ATC's, and she added the bits of color making them into abstract cuties! I really ended up loving them...I call her the finisher. I am much more of a "coloring within the lines" person, and she adds the finishing touches. A good combination, I say!!! Thanks for your help, Carolyn!

And lastly...a little ATC I made using milky pens on black construction paper. After I finished kind of doodling this ball, I added the two birds, and thought it looked like a LOVE NEST, so that was how it ended up! It turned out kinda cute, and just thought I would show these to you so you would not think I had lost all ambition to make!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
xoxo- Julie


Serena said...'s ATC heaven at your place! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those sewn atcs are a marvel to me. Margarets atcs are most beautiful. Ilove her style.

Your flowery atcs are great especially with your daughters added color. Of course the birdies make me smile.

I hope you are getting settled into your home routine now.

Julie said...

Serena- Howdy!

Lisa- yes, I am getting back into the swing after losing some of the jet lag!!! LOL.

soulbrush said...

so glad you're back, things weren't the same without you around.

Claude said...

great little artwork!

you and your daughter make a great creative team!

Pudgeduck said...

Someday I will give it a try!Your are great!

Teri C said...

Such wonderful gifts. You and your daughter are such a good team!
have a great weekend Julie.

yoon see said...

Welcome back Julie.
I love to see the hall of frames here.
All the cool ATC are on display!
I thnik you need another board!