Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday fun!

This morning my husband mowed and trimed the yard, while my Mom and I pulled vines from the bushes and weeded my oyster plants that I dearly love! They are wonderful for Florida living...don't need water...can survive in droughts wonderfully! Anyway...we bagged up about 9 trash bags of junk pulled out!!! I was exhausted...took 4 Ibuprophen and sat under the tree and had a beloved Fresca while cooling down. In no particular order here are a few pics I took. This first one is a pic of the sky from under the almost looks like a picture of water, doesn't it? Wispy clouds looked so pretty floating by while we enjoyed the cool breeze!

Here are my dirty feet relaxing.

And here is Doozeys cousin, Bailey. He is my brother and his wifes Lhasa. He is a lot of fun...the dogs would run over to the fence barking every time they saw anyone pass by on the sidewalk! They spent half the time inside and half out...enjoying their chewy sticks.

This is a tether ball pole my Dad made for my son (the Army son) when he was around 4years old! It is concrete poured inside a tire...(Oh crap...another tire in my life...I hadn't thought of it before)...LOL. The pole is sunk in the concrete. The old ball and rope are long a new rope and ball is on my shopping list to buy for my grandson...we will play many games together as a family. I think he should be able to beat me...he is so strong at almost 5 years old!

The new fence...after I cut back thse bushes severely...I must get the fertilizer on them and lots of water. I have one neighbor who got these things up 6 ft. in a short amount of time...I must go ask how they did it...I suspect just frequent fertilizer and tons of water though. I wish I could think of the name of this plant, but it is not coming to me. I have every other one variegated...but I need to replace a few that were damaged.

As we were sitting, relaxing, my Mom noticed the bird nest on top of my security light...complete with bird! How sweet! I am thrilled...must keep an eye on the progress!

Daughter and I are on our way to Penneys now to look for summer shorts and tops, and any other fun thing I can find for my grandbabies!!! Happy summer days to all!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you are having a marvelous day. The fence looks wonderful you should be proud of your efforts. Tether ball will be fun with your Grands. Take it easy in the heat.

Outside In said...

Have fun shopping! I know I always do!

marianne said...

Wonderful fence!
Must feel so good!
What a lovely day this must have been, great pictures!
That cute little dove.

Anonymous said...

Did you paint your house Julie? I love that yellow. Is the fence plant
schefflera? Bailey looks a lot like Little Buddy.


Julie said...

Sue- No, the house has been yellow for about 3 years was kinda bright, but has lightened a little in the sun...still bright but I have fallen in love with it. Yes...these are a small leaf schefflera plant.

Kelly said...

Hi Julie! It is so nice to meet you! And how funny that my posting today is the same title as your Blog! Do you have an etsy shop too? I must explore more of your blog to see!

Take care!

Teri C said...

Great fence! I love when birds find these interesting places to nest. Love all your plants.

yoon see said...

So matching, your slipper and the planr. clever!