Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks Souly-B!!!

I got a beautiful surprise from Soulbrush, all the way from London, England the other day, and I am finally slowed down enough to take a picture to show you! WOW...isn't it just so neat? I have to frame it, I think. No way I can "use" it!!! Thanks, Souly-B...I adore it so much!!!

I got myself a new section of privacy fence this past week, and I am so happy with it...we broke down and spent the money since our beautiful grands are coming home in a few weeks and I needed to be sure they will be protected from 2 boxers next door (their fence was falling down, literally). Luckily he agreed to let us take away his fence and have a new one installed. It has changed my life! Not only is the yard just so much better looking, but I can let Doozey out there now and this morning, as soon as the sun comes up I will be going out to weed and clean vines out of bushes.! Seems there is never time to put my feet I am doing it now... from 4-6am...hmmm.

I haven't had any time at all for art.

Been shopping for the return of the Spongebob sheet set for my grandson, a rug for baby to watch TV and play games on, a stroller, etc. I am still looking for a high chair to keep at my house when she visits. Can you tell I am not excited at all??? LOL...yeah right! I am about to burst with happiness.

I think I like being a grandma. Of course, you know I am way to young to be one!!! Ha ha ha!

I hope to get some before and after shots in the yard today and you can also see my new fence...I also have to buy a few extra plants to fill in the areas when his old fence fell and took some out! I'm telling you, it had become rickitty.

Catch you all later...have a wonderful Saturday!


marianne said...

Great towel!
I have one as well!
I keep it in plastic untill I have my new kitchen.....

I am so happy for you!
Your children and grandchildren nearly coming home and you so excited and preparing everything!
You must feel so happy!
Congrats with the fence!
Great for the kids and Doozey!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been so busy, I can see why you haven't had time for art. Sometimes life takes precedence.

Can't wait to see your new fence and all the work you do to landscape it.

Claude said...

No rest for the weary, right? My Dad, an old army man, always said that you have to keep moving, as a moving target is harder to hit... but you have to take some time for your artwork.

Teri C said...

You are really flying high in 'Gramma mode'. Anticipation is half the fun!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Very thoughtful of Soul. As usual.

yoon see said...

I am so happy for you Julie.
Soulbrush is a very kind lady with many a thoughtful heart and soul that we must always learn from her:)

Pudgeduck said...

Iam soooo happy for you!!Grandkids are the best!!!!Can't wait for my first Great due 10-15! I know the feeling about the fence-such peace.
Doozey is so cute- does he bark alot?

Bobbie Lynn said...

Getting ready for the grandkids how exciting for you Julie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I think mini roses would be a great addition and I can not wait to see some photo when you are done. I think you will be happy to include them in your garden. This weekend I hope to get my photo in order from my outing to the Los Angles Arboretum. I took some great shots of their succulent gardens and it was a real treat to see and I thought of you and said to myself “Oh, Julie would love to see this”. Have a great weekend.

My Little Family: said...

While I love the look and idea of open expanses, backyard fencing is so nice to have - privacy and safety.