Saturday, June 13, 2009

New succulent tabletop garden!

Happy Saturday to you!!!

Many of you may remember my fairy garden. Well, it got to looking sort of like a forlorned wilderness after a large forest fire!!! LOL. Pretty neglected. So...I decided to make it into a new succulent garden (of course...what else could it have possibly become)???

First I took out all of my fairy paraphenalia...and got it all washed for future use.

Then washed up my plastic saucer (yes, it is a saucer for a very large pot)...and got it ready for it's new babies! It has a hole drilled in the center...and I sit this whole saucer on top of an old hard plastic deviled egg dish so water can drain through and not make a terrible mess.

And here they are! I had looked around at Lowes last night and it was very disappointing as to what they had I decided to steal some from my tires and screenroom...and it turned out quite cute.

And a few close ups! I HAD to add in the one little gem pin I found at a thrift store with 4 colors in it...for some added fun. I decided I did not want any stones or top dressing...I kinda like the look of the plants against the dark dirt.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures. It was fun. Now I have to get out and clean up my tires...those weeds and Mother of Thousands and Millions are taking them over! I am pulling all of them out and throwing them all around in the dirt surrounding the tire area and hopefully they will root down there and I will have an amazing kalenchoe explosion all around!!!


soulbrush said...

what natural beauty. you have such green fingers, love to see this when grown more.
and love to see you with emily and donovan gran. what sweeties. hope your dil is fine now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your new succulent garden is very nice. I bet those succulents grow out of their nice new home in a hurry.

Lynn said...

such fun seeing the building of a little garden. I have a friend in Idaho who makes tons of these each spring, each one a wonder unto itself.

Pudgeduck said...

I do like your new garden! I know you though, a new fairy garden will be coming soon! LOL!

Claude said...

The new garden is very very nice... but I'm worried about all those poor homeless fairies now. Where will they go? They can't stand in the bread lines, they'll get trod upon!

I always add top dressing to my dish gardens, for very practical reasons. One, it keeps the dirt and roots cooler and secondly, it keeps the dirt from being washed away in our torrential rains. But the leaves of those plants do show nice against the dark soil, don't they?

Hermes said...

Looks really good. I love miniature gardens.

Dee said...

It is wonderful! I love that little one with the red accents on it! Love the grandbaby pictures too- aren't they the best!

Anonymous said...

wow it's nice..
the pictures of the close up plant looks amazing! =)

Stampmaiden said...

Julie, what a beautful pot of succulents you have! I'm not much of a succulent lover but I do have a couple pots of cacti and an aloe vera plant (who doesn't have that one, huh? LOL!). I have my eye out for the succulent that looks like a string of beads. I think that one is so pretty. I was looking at all of your little fairy pieces. FUN! I'll have to keep reading on to see what I've been missing. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sending me Gina's ATC. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Well it's great to see you back and busy with your succulents. The new little garden looks so sweet. Speaking of sweet, look at you with your grandbabies! It's so nice to see photos of you Julie. The kids are adorable, and I'll bet you can't wait until they all arrive home. I hope everything is going well. Say hi to Doozey.


yoon see said...

Hi Julie!
Look like you also had a busy week too.
Ha..Ha..You so creative, succulent tabletop garden Julie.
Sorry, I am too sure how many species are they but they are so beautiful and unique in arrangement!
I guess you had been thinking of the display and arrangement while sleeping too!

marianne said...

Such a nice mini garden you have created there!
Must give a nice feeling to get something so nice done!

Love seeing your pictures Julie! You look so happy finally holding your beloved grandchildren in your arms.
Just a while more and they will live much closer and you will see them more often. Is you DIL ok again?

Have a nice day!

Bethany said...

Lovely, Fun design. Great job!

Serena said...

Your new succulent garden is gorgeous! They are so effective grouped together ~ :)