Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know...

I am from south Florida, and we have no acorns laying around...but here in Shreveport, they are EVERYWHERE! I had to have this cute blogger background! Been up all morning since about 6am, all alone while MIL and hubby sleep...reading blogs and then devouring a small bag of salt and vinegar potato chips (my new fav). This is our last full day here...will be home again tomorrow evening. I bet my Doozey has been missing me...I sure have missed her! Will be glad to be back home with the rest of the family also...nice to be here, but there's no place like home! Will get busy posting my pics when I get back!
Happy Thursday!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Julie, I bet Doosey will be glad you are back even more than you will enjoy returning home. I like the acorns as a background. Can't wait to see your visit via photos.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like your have had a wonderful time in Louisiana relaxing and enjoying family. Is there anything better? I'll answer that... nope!

soulbrush said...

east west -hone's best. i love getting home after being away. have a safe trip back.

stapeliad said...

Happpy Thursday to you!
Safe travels to you...I bet Doozey misses you very much. At least she's a nice puppy and not bent on revenge like a cat would be. :)

Yes, I'll always be an alumni but you have to pay to get campus/library access...annual fee.


Ezhilan said...

I hope you are refreshed from your trip. Travel stimulates our mind and our home gives us restful and peaceful feelings. It's not possible for us to see the acorn background, in our browser and computer.

Teri said...

Sounds like a very relaxing vacation. We have missed you but not as much as Doozey! Let us know her reaction when she sees you.

Tootsie said...

Doozey will be so happy!!! love the blog background too!
travel safe

marianne said...

\Yeah the acorns are nice!
Bet Doozey is happy you are home again!

Unknown said...

Hi Julie, I was wondering if I got to the right place when I saw your blogger background! Got a bit worried - I wasn't away for THAT long to forget my way!
It is a nice background, really fun!