Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to making birdseed cakes again!

My Catbird and Painted Buntings are back!!! As soon as I saw that Catbird yesterday I sprung up from my chair and luckily had all my birdseed cake makings were available in my pantry.

Here is the recipe I used:

Warm 1/2 cup water in microwave till boiling, add a package of plain Knox gelatin, stir and add 3/4 cup flour, , 3 Tbsp. corn syrup. Add 4 cups birdseed. You can also add peanuts, fruits, berries, or raisins.

I did not add any extras.

Here are my molded ones ready to stick in my large wire holder. I need to pick up a bag of straight sunflower seeds to add more into the next batch, cause guess who loves them best??? The Cardinals!!!

1 comment:

karen said...

Looks easy enough to make. Will make a few birdseed cakes this weekend; maybe the Painted Buntings will fly over this way.