Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cactus/Succulent Monday!!!

I have been meaning to post how red my Haworthia reinwardtii has become since the start of spring. It had not been doing well in the tire garden in full sun, so I got it out and plopped it (literally) next to my aloe, and never potted it...kept it in the screenroom now...protected from full sun...the roots have been exposed for months now, and it is as happy as a clam! See all the new growth on the bottom...all kinds of new babies on the way!!! I just love how it has turned red. It has not done this for as long as I have had it...years now... I suppose there is no plant I could keep, other than a succulent...I am so neglectful of them, and they reward me for my horrid behavior! WOW!

Portulacaria afra



I have only fallen more in love with my Tradescantia sillamontana! The fuzzy leaves are just so adorable, and under the silver hair, are leaves of green and purple! They are just amazing...these are the ones that seemingly die at times, and then come back to life...very strange, but oh so much fun!!! They are like having pets!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
xoxo- Julie


yoon see said...

Hello Julie,

Happy Cactus Monday to you!
Sorry to drop by late...
I have so much to catch up now!

It's fun to have a few pots of plants to cheer us up.
Very obviously you do and you spread the joy to us too!

Thanks Julie!

shirley said...

I love the Portulacarla. It reminds me of Artichoke poking out of the ground. It is so healthy now with all the new growth.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Awesome! Another name for the last one is 'Kitten ears'. I think it is rather appropriate don't you? I think the one above is a type of jade plant (crassula), And the one above that looks like an aeonium.

Great looking plants. Love the hawarthia. It is doing so great where you plopped it. Lots of babies! Yeah! HCM!

Unknown said...

You are lucky living in a warm and beautiful corner of the world.
Growing cactus and succulents must be very easy than in Canada.
Your pictures are great.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of your succulents are gorgeous Julie but I like this hairy one a lot. HCM. I hope you are adjusting to your new work schedule.

soulbrush said...

wowsers your haiwatha rain cactus is fantastic (and i have just given it a new name too!)
hcm dear fellow cactuteer.

Aiyana said...

Hi Julie,
Long time, no see! With my hubby's health problems and then some of my own, I haven't had time to do my blogging or blog visiting over the past month or so. It's taken me an hour to get through all your posts that I missed! It looks like you have all kinds of new art projects, a new job, etc. Good luck on all. Hope to be more regular now.

Teri said...

Oh they all look wonderful Julie!

How's the new job?


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures and descriptions!
Happy Monday!

Lynn Cohen said...

All so pretty but that first one, ohmygoodness I have never seen the likes of it before. Awe-some!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy belated cactus Monday. You have a great collection there Julie. I have had to move a few of my succulents to a more cooler area. A few of them just do not like the really hot sun.

Hope all is well with your new job. Take care and thanks for you great comments on my blog.

Bobbie lynn

Diane AZ said...

Hi Julie, as always I enjoy seeing your pretty succulents. I have a little Portulacaria afra. For some reason it's known as Elephant's food around here. :D