Thursday, August 26, 2010

A zentangle of sorts and apple chips!

This post was actually writen yesterday (Thursday), but Blogger refused to upload my pics yesterday, and it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R this morning...but it is...
I sat with my grandson as he tried some paintbrushes out today that my daughter had found in her room, called Paintastics! There are about 6 colored prefilled brushes, and then there is a white double ended ( a brush on each end), and each end, when painted over a color, changes that color to another if you start with orange, you can change the orange to pink with one end of the white brush, and yellow with the other. Good for kids to play with.
While he was doing that, I was thinking about not much at all, just doodling and came up with this tree in the financial journal...I thought if I blew this up real big, it would be neat art for a securities company! This page mentions Janis, Morgan Stanley and a few others! I wrote "Grow With Us" at the top to reflect my idea after I had done it...LOL...funny what your mind comes up with!

And here are a few shots of my dried apples! They are surprisingly good! Some did not dry as much as they should, most were just right, and some dried a lot and came out kinda crispy like apple chips. Those are intrguing to my brain!

I like the dried and over dried ones the most (the darker they got, the crunchier they are)...and such fun! I have my bag of munchies right now, here...crunching away as I blog! I can't wait to try some of your suggestions also! Gonna spend some time tonight looking up some ideas for the dehydrator.

The next project I want to try is turning shorts into skirts! I wear a lot of shorts down here in the heat, as I imagine a lot of you do as well. I saw where a blogger had done this and I think I would like to try...maybe as a sort of second life for the shorts...and something I can then wear to work...I am so darn cheap the idea really appeals to me...but I hate it takes everyting I've got to pull out the sewing machine. Ohhhhh...groan, bitch, moan. It will happen...and probably today. I will try to show pics!


Darla said...

Cool picture. Glad the apples turned out good...for sure show up photos of the shorts turned skirts.

Unknown said...

Love the doodle! You should put it on a transparent sheet, project it on the wall, and then paint it there. I've never tried making dried apples. Maybe I'll give it a go.

Teri said...

A tree in your financial book is perfect; a money tree! lol

Those apples sound SO good. Thanks for the update.

walk2write said...

Your drawing of "growth" is more true to life than those fancy graphs that financial companies like to show investors. Your apples look yummy. Good luck on that sewing project. My sewing skills are next-to-none so I have no suggestions or advice to offer. Lots of good wishes, though.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I really like your zentangle. The apple slices look yummy. I guess the trick is slicing the apples all just the same size to get them to come out the same drying time.
I am like you about sewing. I think sewing is a fantastic art but it is so frustrating. I put golf and sewing in the same catagory. FRUSTRATING.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Oh yipeee you like them and they turned out yummy. They LOOK good too how neat.

Well I'll wait to see what else you try. I am sure there are so many recipes on line you'll find all kinds of neat ideas and ways to make nutritional treats.

Love what you and your grandson drew with a great slogan...

What a great idea...shorts to skirts...lug out that machine Julie and show us how its done!!

have a wonderful weekend.

My Little Family: said...

I love apple chips, the cinnamon ones.

Serena Lewis said...

Your zentangle looks great, Julie!! The dried apple looks yummy and the different sizes at least give you a variety of textures to enjoy. :)