Sunday, August 1, 2010

The newest lip rankings!

This page in the financial journal held the numbers to the LIPPER RANKINGS! I painted out the page lightly and left just the unaudited
LIP ratings!!! It's a party in the woods as the animals celebrate the newest ratings! They all agree, unanimously, that the #1 lip is perfect! There is some debate on the others though, but in general, they feel the rankings turned out about as they should have! All the woods are atwitter!

These pages just form themselves, what can I say! :) Page # 5 in the Financial Dream Journal, done this morning with grandkids running about!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Great journal pages. Really cool! : )

Lynn Cohen said...

This is hysterical. Where did you find all those wonderful lips. Love your sense of humor too!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your lip page. I have done a few atcs with noses and eyes. I hadn't thought about lips. fun.

Claude said...

ok... you're having way too much fun with your junk mail... I think I'm jealous.

got hideous hot here today... but I think I'll have a small go at gardening. Maybe...

yoon see said...

I too heart your lip collage!
Wow! You are resourceful, with your artistic talent, this lip collage is giving me a hot hot time!

Lots of love,
Yoon See

madge said...