Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the beach- Part 2

Where are all the rocks in Florida?????
UNDERWATER!!! The secret is out now! Rocks in Florida...who woulda thunk it??? Hehehe!

Here is the underside of one of my favorite shells from childhood! It is called an Atlantic Slipper Shell. These small, arched shells have a shelf underneath which protects the animal inside. When turned upside down, the shell looks like a slipper. It is sometimes known as a "Boat Shell". I used to call them Moon Shells! The little shelf inside is very smooth, and it was soothing to rub your thumb along it. I've never seen an animal inside.

The little tiki thatched roof leading to a condo! Sweet!!!

Seagrasses lining the beach, to help with erosion of the sand. They are so pretty in large groupings! Swaying in the sea breezes!

What is this little sea bean-like thingy? It was laying in the sand. It felt like coconut fibre. I picked it up to shake it to see if I could hear a bean, or anything inside...but no. Silent. It was a really neat little compact something-or-other, though! It was about 1.5 inches long.

A Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina dragonfly! There were many skimming around on the foliage! They are so pretty and you can see how they get their name! A yellowy-orange and black winged insect! Very beautiful, I must say!

Tomorrow I will post both the succulent plants and the spider I saw at the beach! Both VERY exciting for me to find. I'm hooked...must go back now more often to look for treasures!
xoxo- Julie


Cindy said...

That little coconut looking thing might be the fruit of a coconut palm "relative" (as opposed to date-type palms. We have them at the arboretum. The palm tree expert called them cocoid, and pointed out that if you peel away the outer husk, you can see 3 little "eyes" on the shell, just like a big coconut.

I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that Florida has no rocks. (Under the sea doesn't count :P )

Penny said...

See what wonderful things you are finding, I find the beach very soothing and always makes me feel better.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The sea bean is interesting. A friend of mine knows the names of them. I have seen this one before. I wish I could remember the name of it for you. That soft looking shell is sweet.

madge said...

Hooray Palm Beach County! :) We sure live in a gorgeous place, don't we?

Judi said...

Hi Julie
What fun finds you've had while at the beach! See one must always stop to smell the roses and you never know what you'll see.
Love the pretty dragonfly...and very interesting rocks...

It is ALWAYS important to travel with your camera too. Don't you find it is with you most of the time now? If I'm going out galavanting and forget to take it with me its like I forgot to wear my earrings..*g*..and thats not a good feeling either.

love your pics and take more for us!! The beach is wonderful...


Judi said...


I think I forgot to sign off..*s*..

Unknown said...

That little thing looks like a mango pit to me. Not sure though. Speaking of pits an avocado sprouted in the compost bin. I just potted it up half an hour ago. YEAH!

Simi Sreedharan said...

That's the seed of tropical almond!