Sunday, August 8, 2010

Okra growth and new job...all is good...

Happy Sunday! Just look at my okra plants! They are lookin good. My cousin, who grows this stuf all the time, says they will start flowering when they reach about 3 ft. tall. I can hardly wait!

I worked from 12 noon to 12 midnight last night and it was fun, scary, nerve wracking, and interesting! What more could you ask of a job??? LOL. Of course, I am training, so hopefully over time as I become more able, it will become a little easier (it will). This week I am working 3 days from 4pm-12 midnight, and on the weekend I will work 12noon-6pm both days. Hopefully the grandkids can come spend the night in between those times! I hope so...I really want to be there for them, and still be able to make some money too!

It looks like rain here, but nothing is happening yet. I wish it would rain the whole day. As you may have noted in my last post, the grass can use some greening!!! I am the only one up this morning here, last to bed, first up every day! What's up with that??? These other people that live with me sure do need a lot of sleep!!! Ha!

xoxo- Julie


Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy Sunday to you too. : ) Your okra plants look great and how exciting to grow them. I have only eaten okra once and that was fried. Not a healthy way to eat them. Can't wait to see what how you prepare them. Good to hear about your job Julie. Have a great week also.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so full of energy Julie I bet you don't need as much sleep as everyone else. Your okra looks good. I hope it produces for you. I am glad your new job is a challenge that you like.

Unknown said...

Yesterday was the first day or rain here in over a month! It's wet again today, a really nice change from all these dry days.

I'm glad the job is going well!

I've never grown okra. They seem like a really fun plant though. Maybe I'll try them next year. Maybe the growing season is even long enough to start them now here. I'll have to check.

Teri said...

So happy to hear all is going well. Before you know it, you will be training others!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,

Yes I have and just this morning I was at the bookstore looking at it. It has some really pretty card ideas in it for fall. I will get it next time in there and I may just order it for the year. Much cheaper too.

Thanks for you sweet comment too. Have a great day Julie.

Mandy said...

Before I forget (again) your comments on my mushroom blooms was hilarious! I've still got to go to the site, but my mother's gone home so I'll have more time for my internet time. Glad you're enjoying your job, they'd fire me after that shift for sure! Your okra plants are looking great, I might try those next year, but just one since I'm the only one who eats them. I'm trying bell peppers and cucumber this summer...we'll see! Enjoy the rest of your day off!

Lynn Cohen said...

Wondering what your new job is?
The okra plants look very happy in their bright red/orange buckets!!!!

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
greetings from Miami...I had such a great time. I guess so...especially since I was the one who didn't have to work.
I can certainly identify with the weather being hot and needing rain although we had some rain most days...but it sure didn't last long but it was well needed. Then it was lovely weather.
Your okra looks sooo good!..Ms Green Thumb Mistral Wanderous lady..I am going to have to do the quiz in your below post.

How can you work so many hours and be up so much? glad its going well and sorry I didn't meet you

have a great rest of the day

Unknown said...

The okra sure looks happy esp in those cheery containers. Glad the job is going well.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I wish I could bottle your energy and take it. I am so glad you like your job. That's a lot of work. I hope that you get enough rest.

I don't know how to cook with okra, I do like it in stew and soup though.

Unknown said...

gorgeous gorgeous.

Mary said...

I love the orange buckets!

yoon see said...

That's not much rain here in Malaysia...
The training is good and certainly makes you more able.

Yes, waiting time is essential, i hope you have a great time harvesting the sweet labour on these plant.

Happy gardening Julie!