Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Which Kalenchoe is this?????

OK, I am going to sort of use a system of a blogger friend of mine, Vickie at Two humans,Three dogs, and a cat, and give out POINTS (not that they will do you any good), and see if you can tell me what the variety of Kalenchoe this is (not that I will know if you are correct, or anything)...

If you know the pet name (or common name) you will get 2 points. The leaves are about 8-10 inches long on the larger plants!!!!!

If you know the scientific name, you get 5 points!!! How exciting!!!

Your joy in getting points will come from just being the smartest kid on the block!

All of these Kalenchoe were on one doorstep, except this last one, which was two doors down, and I am sure it came from a cutting from the mothership's house! See how the new leaflets seem to be only on the tips??? Maybe not always, but today, this is the only place I saw them!

You can bet I will be watching these babies every time I take my grandkids for a walk around the pond where they live...I did try knocking at their door to ask if I could take pics and have a cutting, but no one I only took pics! I WILL return to see about a cutting! :)

Hey, if you haven't seen Candy's Sassy "Sweetstuffs" Succulents' Kalenchoe today, go over and check them out!!!


Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks for the post to check me out again sweetie. Hey by the way how do you add a link by clicking on a word of your choosing. I see lots of people doing it but duhhhh haven't figured it out!

Tomorrow (it's 2 a.m.) I am going to research your kalanchoe's.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lisa - 0 points. I don't know what it is. I wouldn't have known it was a kalanchoe if you hadn't told me. It is beautiful.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Aren't those lovely plants? I hope you get clippings from them...keep trying.
Let's see who gets the most points...that won't be me..
hope you are having a great week!

My Little Family: said...

that's a nice plant but i avoid them because they take over around here.

hey, go to Bunny Tail's blog and post a photo of Doozey...she is having a pet photo contest. i've got to find my favs of Daisey & Eddie.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Ha ha I found it! It's called Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri from Madagascar. Another name is Donkey ears. LOL how funny don't you think! Yeah for me!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 points!

Julie said...

Candy- I can't believe it! I got some cuttings of this from Mandy, so now I need to get them out in the sun and let them grow. I wonder if this particular plant is just ultra-hardy or if mine has the capability to do grow this large??? I still may go over and get a leaf from this other person, and if I can get them going real well, I can share the wealth with everyone one day! Congrats on your points, Candy...but you got 7 points since you knew both names!!! LOLOL! :)

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Yeah for me, Yeah for me!!!!! Woo hoo!

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous and looks oddly powerful.

Mandy said...

Hey...sorry I have taken so long to laptop has a virus and I won't have it back until Monday next week! Talk about withdrawls! This is the Donkey Ear I sent. My mother plant isn't large like this yet, but the potential is there! I have noticed in our heat that mine does really good with afternoon shade. I'll get a picture to you of mine when I'm back upland running. For now all I have is my husband's iPhone and so far I am not a big fan!