Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few fun things and Cactus Monday too!

For lack of time, I am including my Catus Monday pic, which is an absolutely lovely aloe plant (?????), and if it is, I am wondering the type of aloe it might be? If anyone knows, they can, as with the previous post, earn 2 worthless points! Hey, someone needs to give Candy a run for her money. She ID's the last succulent for me so quick, she is like a flash of lightening! Anyway, the administrative assistant in our department at work has this plant at her desk, under flourescent lighting and it is doing great! I absolutely love it, and I think it might be Aloe cryptopoda??? Not sure...

Now here is the latest page in the trashy darn finanacial dream journal. I drew out these bees freehand using a Sharpie pen over a background of acrylic paint. Added a few magazine cutouts, and voila...a new silliness! This book is what I do when I am making art with grandson Donovan.

Look out below, it's a movie starlet...Miss Emily June!!!

Now for a little review on a product I bought for Donovan. He is almost 6, and he found this to be the most fun! Of course, everything is Star Wars right now, so that part was all good, but he also enjoyed the process of this neat coloring system!

It came in a neat package that holds everything back inside in between uses, which I loved. It kind of reminded me of the old paper dolls we used to get, with pockets inside to hold everyting. Anyway, there are 5 double sided pages, in black. They are plastic coated, cleanable and re-useable!!! The lipstick consistency pens are twisty to put out more product as you go, and they are wiped off with a wet sponge (also included). Donovan played with this for hours. The only negative is that I wish there were a few more colors, like RED. Oh, one more thing...the back of the package is a frame, so you can display your pic to the outside and view it like is a Star Wars frame too! Pretty cool.

Below are a few pics of the grands when they spent the night with us last night! Donovan has his pull out couch all done up in Transformer detail.

Poor Donovan is thinking, "Why so early Grandma, with the darn camera"!!!

My Mom and I drove my brother and his wife to the Ft. Lauderdale airport Friday, and we ate lunch at a Japanese/Thai restaurant. It was cute outside with little window boxes all along the front, filled with Crown of Thorn plants...the pink ones.

My cell phone takes such crappy pics...I apologize! I had also stolen a leaf from a little variegated Hoya in the bathroom there, but it immediately started to die, when it was removed from that dark the time we got home, it was half brown! Oh well, I tried. Hee.


Rohrerbot said...

I try with the cuttings as well....and I thought that I was going to lose several but they sometimes will surprise and bounce back:) That's an aloe but not sure what variety....sorry:(

Mandy said...

Love the pictures you got of your granddaughter...precious!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see why you don't have any spare time. The Grands look like they are having as much fun as you are. Love your financial pages. Happy Cactus Monday.

Serena Lewis said...

I haven't seen a Crown of Thorns for many years. A great tip I was told years ago was to plant them in front of windows to deter break-ins...what burglar would enjoy tackling the sharp spines on them? But then, how would the home-owner manage to clean their windows???

Love your fun journal page!

Miss Emily June is just too COOL!

I like products that encourage kids to be sounds like it passed the test.

What fun having the Grands overnight....judging by their faces, they LOVE coming to Grandma's house too.

Lynn Cohen said...

Okay all our grandkids are adorable! I have two almost six yr olds too!!! Fun coloring together I agree!!!
Do you think they really think that when we get our cameras in their faces. Mine must just think the camera is an extention of a grandmothers hand. They have NEVER seen me without it. I document every burp and well, you get the picture! LOL
I have no idea what kind of plant your photo keep your own worthless points! LOL
Having fun yet? I am!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Those Grand-babies are adorable. Love that little Star Wars Crayola set. Great gift for a few little ones in our family for Christmas. Another cute page to your journal. Have a great evening.

My Little Family: said...

I know that Doozey is one groovy chick so please tell her about the happenings at Woofstock 2010 on Katie Scalett's web site. Would love to see her in her hippie clothes. Peace!

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Adorable grandbabies...Emily June is getting to be such a big girl and love that little laugh is priceless.

Your aloe vera is doing very nicely. I used to have one but haven't had one for years...hmmmm...I might have to get me one too.

Love your latest artwork...and you'll have those little ones so crafty like you too!

Hope all is well...seems to be..
have a wonderful day and do not work too hard.

soulbrush said...

oh my goodness emily looks just like don now.what a cute book. those kids love you so much, and so do I xxx

Teri said...

What a fun and happy post this is. Your grands just make me smile they are so cute. Love the starlet one!


Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderful collection of photos to share today...HCM!

Cynthia DiBlasi - Fine Art said...

Such cute grandkids! They look like they are having a blast with their Grandma!

I love your little bees in that financial book. So cute!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Lovely post!! You have wonderful family..cute adorable grandchildren!!! HCM!!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I love that little baby kalanchoe in your shell sweetie. How cool! It looks so happy. I am definitely going to get some shells for dressing. And I can't help I.D. the aloe. Need a better pic and maybe a macro of a leaf would help. That was fun finding the name of the kalanchoe.

I would eat little Emily's cheeks up. She and Donovan must be fun to watch after.

I leave for Maui on the 21st so lots to try to do this week. Still resting my back and going to PT. Won't take my computer to Maui cause it's too heavy but will have lots to say and pics when I get home!

Unknown said...

Oh gee, seems like you are doing lots. Happy Belated Cactus Monday!

yoon see said...

Happy belated Cactus Monday, I guess you were .
So much joy to be around with your grands:)

Donovan's transformer look great and with characters. I just kids drawings!