Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fund Report turns to Cat Report!

This page in my Financial Dream Journal started out saying "Useful Information About Your Fund Report". I painted out part of it and now it says "Useful Information about Your American Short Hair"! There is so much satisfaction to be had by changing these financial pages, which are so stupidly printed up and sent out to all of us, and they are unreadable to all but maybe 1% of the population! Yes, I would rather read that the American Short Hair Cat is sweet, soft, finicky, wild and sleek! LOL.

Reading about how Lisa and Teri are doing "Word Art" in their paintings (in a class led by painting instructor, Laure Ferlita, is probably what inspired me to do large letters. Of course, they are in a serious watercolor class, and are doing gorgeous lettering, and I do not want that to be confused with this...a silly thing....I'm just saying I was inspired by them to do the large letters, LOL...:)

Rather than painting them on the page, I painted them on a seperate white page, then cut and pasted, then painted the background to match the other pages background. This kind of art is called "Just foolin Around Art", and it is meant to be a long, silly, drawn out process...cutting, pasting, and doing chilish, frivolous crafting. Yes, it fits my personality perfectly!

Have you guys ever gone to Kingdomality to take the short little quiz to see what you would have been (careerwise) in Medieval times??? It is only about 8 questions, and you rank them in order of importance to you, and get the answer you always wondered about! It tells a little about your personality as well. Well, my friend and I both came out to be "Wanderer Minstral" types...isn't that an attractive thought??? Ha ha ha!!! My husband was a Black Knight (the most interesting thing about his personality was that he only does something if there is something in it for him)! Wow...that sure was TRUE! LOL. My Mom was a Joan of Arc type personality, and my daugher is a Benevolent Ruler! We have two children that came out to be Builder/Engineer, and Doctors as well. It's all in fun, but give it a try and see what you would have been...I would love to know, if you feel like sharing!!! Hee hee hee!
xoxo- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your page Julie. I would prefer to read about cats too. I hate that financial jargon that is really important to some but useless to me.
HAW. I will try the project to see what I might be when I grow up. ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ok Julie, I went and took the test. I was considered a benevolent ruler. Ha.. I bet my kids would agree.

Lynn Cohen said...

This short hair is very much a look alike to our dear Henry V.
I love your so called "silly art" as it is fun and good art journaling if you ask me!!!

Judi said...

Hi Julie
How fun is that?
I did it and I'm a Dreamer-Minstrel and you know...that does sound like me.

Love what you did with the journal cover again...much better than it was I'm sure.

have a great day