Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another poem I wrote on my little trip!


My mind is on plant life
It's all my eye sees
What's happening to me?


A midlife crisis
Should I wait and see?
I don't think so
Plant life is for me!

All spiky and green
I see sugar cane fields
palm trees standing like giant shields

The canals are covered
with algae and slime
I feel like I'm passing through
all ages and time.

From West Palm Beach to Belle Glade
now on the Okeechobee...
All of the green against the blue sky


I'm going somewhere
And more plants will be there!

This one was literally written as we drove through nothing but green sugarcane fields for about 30 minutes, on a two lane highway with a canal on one was kinda scary)!


Aiyana said...

Poetry too? We sure have a lot in common!
It's funny about noticing what you are interested in. I remember a lifetime ago when I was pregnant. I never noticed pregnant women, and then, it seemed like they just stood out all over the place. When I had my first one, I didn't see pregnant women anymore. The mind plays tricks!

Julie said...

Aiyana- LOL!!! It sure does. Well, I just got the idea to try writing poetry as I was on this long stretch of rather boring passage through the sugar cane fields...haven't ever really writen any before! I know what you mean about noticing things at certain times of your is strange how it works out!

Teri C said...

Such lovely poems and so expressive. I find riding in a car lets my mind wander in creative directions.