Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some poetry I wrote while on my little weekend trip!


I drove to Books-A-Million
late at night
with a book about succulents
deep on my mind.

Bought a water
From a young girl at the counter
Got to talking, and found out
That she is a blogger!

Exchanged our Blogspot addresses
But, oh no...wait...
it's 5 to 11...way too late!!

Store closes at 11, according to the door
But at 11:05, no sign of closing...
I was hoping for more (time)!

I asked a young man what's going on, and he said,
"Tonight we stay open to midnight
For only just this one lucky night"!


(As it turned out, they were staying open late for the release of a book for teens, by author Stephanie Meyer, called BREAKING DAWN) thankyou Stephanie for all my extra time at the bookstore!!!


Aiyana said...

Another great poem! Is that your Crow's Foot Barrel? Mine dried up this summer. Can you imagine? Too hot for a Barrel. Seems impossible.

Julie said...

Aiyana-I can't believe yours would dry up like that! It must really be HOT!!! Thanks for your nice comment!

soulbrush said...

being at the right place at the right time, that's what life's all about.