Saturday, August 9, 2008

End of big science experiment!

The so called "tadpoles" I thought I had in a real young stage, turned out to be mosquito larvae! I nearly tossed my cookies! Yeeesh...I had to think of something to do I poured dishwashing powder in the jar, and they died instantly! It was a "green" then I went out and poured the jar contents into the other standing water areas in the wheelbarrow. Now as soon as my nausea resides, we will be leaving to go out to lunch! I'm glad I at least discovered these areas of standing water...I will go out and drill holes in them all when it dries up out there! Thanks to CINDY for helping me to I.D. the nasty things!


Cindy said...

Aww, I'm sorry they weren't really tadpoles.

Just FYI, mosquito larvae can only survive in water. If you have any standing water that you can just dump out somewhere or use it to water some plants, that's better than putting detergent in it. The larvae will die when they dry up. If you have any water that you want to remain standing, like a pond, contact your local vector control and see if they will provide you with some mosquito fish. In my area, there is no charge for this.

Sue said...

Well at least you didn't think they were shrimp! LOL

Oh sweet Doozey, what a honey.

soulbrush said...

yuk, beware of any standing water anyway...strange things least you were able to eat afterwards!