Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I do not have a Pachypodium!

I have a secret wish to own one of these beautiful succulent plants! One with a big caudex! A miniature one, or one that has been bonsai-ed, for container (not planted in yard)! I can't seem to find one here locally, so will start to look online too. I may go to a Bonsai Society meeting this month and see if anyone has one there, for sale. Does anyone have a Pachypodium? I can't take a photo off the web, but would love to see yours if you have one! Meanwhile...on with my search!


soulbrush said...

had to go to 'google images' to see what it looks like, haven't got one but have seen lots, not here in england, but in sa.

Claude said...

A poem by claude

Julies Lament

I do not have a pachypodium!
A plant I sincerely covet...
If you send me a pachypodium,
I promise that I'll love it!

obviously, I've been reading too much of that light verse, now I'm making up silly rhymes. Good luck with your search

Julie said...

OH LOL Claude!!! I love it!!!!! You are turning into a poet, for sure! Keep them coming!!!!! :)

Soul B- I'm sorry I could not post a pic...I just love all of the different varieties...especially the ones with big bulbeous bases!!!
Maybe I will get out and find some at a nursery and get some pics this weekend!

Claude said...

Obviously I'm bored... rewrite...

Julies Lament

I do not have a Pachypodium!
A plant my sould doth covet.
If you send a Pachypoduim,
I promise that I'll love it!

I've raked the valleys, I've searched the hills,
I even checked at Wal-mart!
And not a single Pachypodium,
To ease my aching heart.

What caped crusader, what green-skinned hero,
What night on noble steed?
Shall bring a Pachypodium,
To sate this hungry need?

Not swaying palms, not lilies fair,
Nor Roses by the bower...
Can replace a Pachypodium,
In this, my darkest hour.

Now I doubt that you're this much of a drama queen, but my Momma always said that people shouldn't encourage me...


Julie said...

Oh you have me crying! This is the nicest poem I have ever read. I will use it as my inspiration for Cactus Monday, if it is OK with you?????
Thankyou so much for this...I really love it!!! You are a wonderful poet...have you missed your ultimate calling??? I think you need to write us all a book of poetry!!!!!!! Or...better yet...start a poetry blog!!!!!

م .اشرف شرف الدين الشريف said...

i think this webs have photo to Bonsai pachypodium

sory my english not good, me want help my friend

Julie said...

م .اشرف شرف الدين الشريف- Thanks!!!