Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, today I am home with a cold/flu. For some reason, while sitting around with a "bug", and while reading one of my many plant books, I came across some garden decided to draw a few. I am a beginner at drawing, but seem to be enjoying it. have been looking for a class to far the least expensive is 260 dollars for 8 weeks! I will check out adult ed, and a few more cities classes around here...hopefully something will cost less. If not...I will just keep on sort of tinkering with it. It is a lot of fun, I must say...even when you ain't feelin good! So here are my sicko garden bugs:

And a venus flytrap for you carnivorous plant lovers! I know there are a few of you out there! LOL.

As you can tell, I am bored out of my gourd. I hope I can get to work tomorrow...need to...loads of stuff to take care of there.
Have a happy rest of the week everybody!


soulbrush said...

listen you, there's talent in these scrawls...this is how i started too, get some lessons adult ed will be good ...and happy animal wednesday, now you're hooked on this one too....ha ha got ya!

Claude said...

Those bugs are absolutely creepy... and I mean that in a good way...


Teri C said...

Julie! your little sketches show great promise. You are drawing what you see-they are recognizable and confident.

I am thrilled that you want to learn more (without going broke).

My advice (even if you don't want it) is to take a basic drawing class at a night school, tech school, where ever the cost is low. It will intoduce you to art. That is how I began,

After that class, but more so today, I learned to draw everything that interests you and to draw everyday.

If you have the desire you can do anything you want.

Best of all, and I learned this the hard way, the art police will not arrest you for bad art :)

If I can ever do anything to help you, please ask.

Oh, and the book that really got me interested and inspired is a book by Claire Walker Leslie, "Nature Drawing" and she has a few others as well.

Another good book is any of Hannah Hinchmans'. Also Cathy Johnson has a ton of books out.

I bet this is way more information than you wanted :)

Sarah said...

That's a great Idea!! I look into doing that. I would love my stuff copy writed.

Serena said...

I hope you feel much better soon, Julie! It's good to see you have been putting the time to good use by drawing. I don't think you did too bad a job at all with the bugs and Venus fly trap. I firmly believe that the more you draw, the better you will become so maybe you won't need to worry about classes, just keep up the practise. :)

My LIttle Family: said...

Your sketing ability must be pretty good because the bugs sure grossed me out! Vickie

By the way - let's you and me have a Dotee exchange just between the two of us based solely on what we know of each other through the blog. Wanna try?

Tootsie said...

I just bought a venus fly-trap! looks just like your rendering! feel better!

rohit said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Julie said...

Thanks all...I appreciate your kinds words and advice too!!! Maybe I can get to being a better draw-er with the pencil one day!'s a lot of fun! Feeling better this evening...I think I will live!

Cindy said...

Not bad at all. And I really like the flytrap.

Yes, I should be doing some kind of art, any kind, but I'm just not feeling it. And I gave up on the bug comic-strip idea when I was about 12.

Juri said...

I have to laugh...first time to your blog and I am looking at my biggest fear...bugs!!! I agree with the other must be drawing great, because your bugs grossed me out! What a wonderful blog you have, seriously!! I am so glad I came to visit!


MrBrownThumb said...

Hey those bug pics are pretty cool

Soon you'll be graduating to making water colors of them.

soulbrush said...

how you feeling now? hope lots better. hugs.