Friday, August 8, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Look at the beautiful skies this morning here in sunny south Florida! I had to take some close ups of this really green and pink/red cactus that I love! It is a spineless Opuntia, and quite huge! I thought it looked so lovely against the blue sky!

Note the two ants on the right hand flower bud. Click to make larger to see easier....I didn't see them until I got the picture on the screen here!

Smooth green and red
Against the blue
Who created you?

Spineless pads of Opuntia
With floral and fruity notes
You get all my votes!

Two dangling fruits ready to be picked
To juice or eat whole?
I don't know!


Serena said...

Great pics, Julie! I've never tried cactus fruit before.

soulbrush said...

what a lovely part of the world to live, look good enough to eat...are they two ants?

Julie said...

Serena-it tastes a little like watermelon...same sort of texture! It is difficult to use if you get them fresh due to the needles on the outside, but you can open them. I had a video on my website before I deleted it the last time that showed how. Do a search for HOW TO EAT A CACTUS FRUIT.

Julie said...

Soul B- I think you are right! 2 ants!!! I had to go back and enlarge to see that! SWEET!

Serena said...

Will do....thanks for the info, Julie. :)

Aiyana said...

Great photos! My ficus indica, the family cactus, blew over during a windstorm a couple of weeks ago and snapped at the first pad, so it is gone. I kept a couple of pads to replant, but it will take years to reach a good size. Dang!